Letter to the Editor: Art, Lego and cake displays

The Iceworm Lego display on Saturday, Feb. 1 at the Cordova Center. Photo courtesy of Sara Hottinger

We had a record-breaking number of entries for the Lego and Cake Display! Too many to even judge! All of the entries were so wonderful to see and share with Cordova. Pete Hoepfner donated three Iceworm prizes that were awarded to Jonas Fajardo-Hernandez for Most Innovative Lego Design, Gwethalyn Jacob for Most Perseverance in Cake Design, and Shannon Jones for Most Dynamic Textile Entry.

We would like to thank the following for participating in the Lego Display:

Elizabeth Baenen, Elijah Lee, Teague Webber, Aero Jensen, Henry Herschleb, Henry Kruithof, Tyler Calfina, Christian Center Preschool, Anka Jensen, Merrick Lee, Asher Jensen, Amelia Hottinger, Lily Simpler, Amelia Niles, Giannaleah Guillet, Jonas Fajardo-Hernandez, Robert Taylor, Tracer Stimson, Noah Reynolds, Jake Brannon and Marcus Holley.

We would like to thank the following for participating in the Cake Display:

Jaelyn Hoffhines, Max and Elise Osborn, Destiny Diltz, Lindsay Selmer and Wyatt, Evelyn Mills, Amee Hamberger, Grace Marie Reyes, Children’s Pallas, Lareyn Mangrobang, Junior Itliong, Gwethalyn Jacob, Christian Center Preschool, Marcus Holley, Jameson Holley, Tammy Brusasco, Leiana and Micahel Towle.

We would like to thank the following for participating in the Arts & Crafts Show:

Kay Adams, Torie Barker, Kathleen Kritchen, Shannon Jones, Teal Hanson, Mia Siebenmorgen, Zya Taylor, Sara Hottinger, Signe Fritsch and Shae Bowman.

Thank you!

Sara Hottinger

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