REAL ID processing becomes available at Anchorage airport

State officials have added Anchorage International Airport as a new location for processing REAL ID applications in advance of the Oct. 1 deadline for having a federally acceptable ID to board a federally regulated commercial aircraft.

The new location is a partnership between the airport and Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure every Alaskan who wants a REAL ID has one by that deadline, said Airport Manager Jim Szczesniak.

Appointments must be made prior to arriving. To schedule an appointment and verify the documents required for Real ID, visit the Alaska DMV at

As of Oct. 1, REAL ID will also be needed to access any federal facilities.

The REAL ID identification may be placed onto the individual’s driver license or onto a separate REAL ID identification card.

Cost of the REAL ID is $20. Individuals who have an Alaska driver’s license that has not expired but want the REAL ID designation on the driver’s license will simply pay an additional $20 to renew their driver’s license for eight years from the date of their last birthday.

Payment must be made using a credit card.

DMV will then issue a temporary REAL ID card and the permanent card will be mailed to the individual’s address within several weeks.

When applying for the REAL ID the individual must present one of several acceptable forms of identification. The most common of these include passport and passport cards, military IDs, federally recognized tribal IDs with a photo, REAL IDs and trusted traveler cards.

A complete list of accepted identification may be found online at