Wild Alaska Pollock processors reaching for new markets

Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers, in an ongoing effort to expand markets for Alaska Pollock, have collaborated with several dozen Seattle restaurants to present the first ever Wild Alaska Pollock Week from Feb. 28 through March 8.

GAPP is inviting all Seattle chefs interesting to adding wild Alaska Pollock dishes to their menu to contact the Seattle-based organization and for seafood aficionados and foodies to post their participation online at facebook.com/events/485973822353905.

GAPP is also now providing tool kits for its members and partners to build a global brand for the versatile whitefish, which offers a high content of protein and Omega-3 oil. The tool kit will help the industry and partners know better who to talk about Alaska Pollock to all audiences, said Craig Morris, chief executive officer of GAPP. According to GAPP, research has identified future advocates of the fish as educated, affluent millennials, in the 23-38 age bracket with household incomes greater than $50,000,

In a related promotional event, GAPP said 7-Eleven stores in the Seattle area would offer a new Wild Alaska Pollock herb-crusted fillet sandwich with American cheese and tartar sauce on a buttery bun through April 20 at $2.49. The collaboration with 7-Eleven will bring wild Alaska Pollock into new channels, including convenience customers, Morris said.

GAPP, with offices in Seattle, also announced plans to hold its second annual Wild Alaska Pollock meeting Oct. 12 at the Bell harbor International Conference Center on Alaska Way. Plans are to bring together representatives from all segments of the Alaska Pollock industry, marketing experts and visionary speakers to inspire collaboration for increased marketing.

Morris said that GAPP’s first annual meeting was a bigger success than anticipated and this year they hope to raise the bar in terms of their theme, topics to be covered and speakers, “but the intent will remain the same: bring our industry together to collaborate on how we can better promote our fish and celebrate our successes together.”