Obituary: Alan Dale Duntley

Dec. 27, 1962 – April 6, 2020

Alan Dale Duntley.

Alan Dale Duntley Jr., born December 27, 1962, passed away at his home April 6, 2020. Al was an accomplished wrestler who graduated Cordova High in 1981, then joined the U.S. Coast Guard and proudly served his country for five years.

Al was a modern-day, hunter-gatherer who built and lived in a log cabin in Wasilla, Alaska that could have been half the size if it were not for all the deep freezers holding moose, salmon and other creatures that fell victim to his gathering sessions.

Al, possibly part feline, used every last one of his nine lives — hitchhiking after a toga party, the driver drove him off a cliff; got hypothermia in the Coast Guard saving people from a sinking boat that went down and took him with it; wrecked his three-wheeler miles from nowhere; fried most of a lung when a transformer he was testing blew up — the list goes on.

Al, always smiling, was good at making people laugh and happiest with his wife in his arms or a gun/pole in his hands.

He was a dog-loving patriot who loved his wife and family and will be remembered as a kind, jovial man with a thirst for life. He is survived by his son, Jesse; his son, Mark; and grandchildren, Connor and Briar-Rose; his mom and dad, Carole and Al Sr.; his brother and sisters, Scott, Lisa and Debbi; the love of his life — his wife Lattana “Mue” Duntley; Lattana’s son and daughter-in-law, Vinay and Jipnoy Malavong, and grandson David, who Al was always talking about.

May Al rest in peace with his M1A .308 in one hand and fishing pole in the other in the hunting grounds of heaven. He left us all too soon and will be greatly missed. A memorial service was held Saturday, April 11.