Ravn asks customers for help getting federal aid

RavnAir Alaska is asking its friends and customers to use social media to alert the White House about the federal loans needed by smaller airlines to get material CARES Act assistance.

In an April 24 email to customers and friends, RavnAir Alaska President and CEO Dave Pflieger said that a key part of their needed funds is support from the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act.

RavnAir has learned that while eligible for payroll grant assistance, the carrier will not be eligible for loans because the Treasury Department is using an available Seat Mile formula for loan allocations that does not allow smaller airlines to get material CARES Act assistance. This formula favors large well-capitalized airlines and leaves very little for small regional carriers like Ravn, Pflieger said. “The formula would provide only $5.2 million of the $75 million we requested, he said. “In short, it will mean the end of our company as we know it.”

“We believe that the small regional carriers should be exempt from the ASM allocation method and have ideas on more reasonable allocation methods, but we need the Treasury to list to us today,” he said.

Among the suggested messages:

“Without federal assistance, rural Alaskans will go without vital food, medicine, and air service @realDonaldTrump @USTreasury @StevenMnuchin1 #SaveRavnAirAlaska


More information is online at flyravn.com.