CFRC quizzes high schoolers on substance abuse

Cordova high schoolers participating in Cordova Family Resource Center’s “Know Your Awareness’s” campaign will be entered into a drawing for three gift baskets. Photo courtesy of Emily Stoddard

Cordova Family Resource Center is asking high schoolers to answer one question: “At what age do you think most teens are introduced to alcohol and/or drugs?” This question will close out CFRC’s five-month “Know Your Awareness’s” campaign, which has sought to spread awareness of issues like dating violence and substance abuse.

To participate, students should supply their answer to the BIONIC youth program via Facebook, said CFRC Prevention Coordinator Emily Stoddard. All participants will be entered into a May 28 raffle for three gift baskets containing a pop-up lantern, a smart watch and a beanie with built-in bluetooth headphones, among other prizes. Any Cordova Jr. Sr. High School student is eligible to participate, Stoddard said.

After the “Know Your Awareness’s” campaign concludes, BIONIC program participants will compile a final report on the project. This year’s campaign has been successful, although logistical complications related to the coronavirus pandemic have sometimes tested participants’ ingenuity, Stoddard said.

“Especially given the challenges we were presented, the BIONIC members flourished,” Stoddard said. “They were still able to complete the main parts of the project, and I think it gave them a real-world experience that, just because you plan something out, that doesn’t mean that’s how it’s going to be. You have to be flexible.”