Letter to the Editor: Cordova schools provide stability amidst the COVID crisis

In 1967, my family came to America. We rented a hotel room in Mount Vernon, Washington as my dad looked for more permanent housing. Because my parents valued education above all else, I was immediately enrolled into second grade. I started at Madison School in Ms. Turner’s class. I didn’t speak a single word of English and Ms. Turner didn’t speak a word of Dutch.

We got along fabulously. Jump ahead 30 or so years. I had applied to be principal at Clear Lake Elementary. Part of the interview process was a site visit to the school. I was met at the door by the most wonderful sight, Ms. Turner. I was hired to be her principal, her boss. That Christmas she left a little gift on my desk with a note. It read, “I’m very proud of you Henk.” I will never forget how that note made me feel.

This pandemic has caused tremendous upheaval in our daily routines. None more than to our education system. The impact to our students will be evident for years to come. I am so very thankful to the Cordova School District for the tireless work they have done to provide quality education experiences for our students throughout this pandemic.

My grandson benefited so much from the Zoom meetings, lesson plans, assignments and lunches that the caring staff provided. Bless the teachers, cafeteria staff, paraprofessionals and administrators for their hard work.

Thank you, Mrs. Reggiani for all your hard work, encouragement and loving responses. You are Henry’s Ms. Turner. Thanks to Mrs. Groff for your leadership. We all enjoyed Mrs. Pigglewiggle’s solutions. Thank you, Ms. Stacey and staff for providing meals for all our kids. Thank you, superintendent Russin for your leadership, we appreciate the way you have moved the district forward. And thank you to everyone else in the Cordova School District. You have provided our students the opportunity to grow during these challenging times.

Henk Kruithof

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