Cordova reports second COVID-19 case

Transmission electron micrograph of coronavirus particles isolated from a patient. (March 10, 2020) Image courtesy of NIAID

Cordova’s Medical Response Team reported the community’s second coronavirus case Wednesday, June 17. The coronavirus-positive individual is an Ocean Beauty Seafoods employee, and is asymptomatic, according to a release by the city.

Other workers in the same group as the coronavirus-positive individual have tested negative, Dr. Hannah Sanders, medical director for Cordova Community Medical Center, told Cordova City Council June 17. The coronavirus-positive individual has been isolated and contact tracing has begun, she said.

The way the new positive case was handled indicates that the city’s coronavirus response is working, Mayor Clay Koplin said.

Cordova’s first confirmed coronavirus case, identified May 1, was also an Ocean Beauty employee and was also asymptomatic. That person has since recovered.

As of June 17, 830 coronavirus tests had been conducted in Cordova, according to data released by the city prior the announcement of the new positive case. Of those tests, 829 were negative. Community health care providers currently have the capacity to perform well over 1,000 tests, Koplin said.