Crab Fest 2020 will be a virtual and in-person event

Kodiak’s traditional Crab Fest, with the 2020 theme “Sea What Matters” will go live from Aug. 19 through Aug. 23, but like everything else this year, it will look a lot different.

The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce announced on Monday, June 29, that they spent time reflecting on exactly what makes Crab Fest so special and what matters most. They concluded that it’s about food, art, competitions, buying unique Alaskan goods, rides, entertainment, honoring their history and culture, and for locals it’s about connecting with friends and family.

Due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic the festival has not been approved for a full in person plan. Instead the festival will be a hybrid event with some approved local events and food, as well as nearly constant streaming on Facebook Live for five days.

Those wishing to purchase unique goods will be able to buy directly from vendors selling Alaskan merchandise via Facebook Live. For entertainment, the Chamber is inviting performers to give virtual parties and live performances. Competitions will also be offered online that anyone can participate in from anywhere in the world, including a virtual run sponsored by the Kodiak Area Native Association, coloring contests, Tik-Tok dance offs and surprise giveaways.

The Chamber is working with the emergency operations team to offer food throughout town if they can safely do so.

The Chamber will also share videos that showcase fun to be had on Kodiak Island, so future visitors get a taste of what to expect on their vacations.

Crab Fest is also being recorded so that fishermen, Coasties, healthcare workers and other critical workers unable to attend in real time still have the opportunity join in the fun.

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