Letter to the Editor: Sullivan fails to speak truth to power

Sen. Dan Sullivan, Colonel USMC Reserves, remains AWOL. His failure to speak truth to power regarding the emasculation of the U.S. Postal Service that all Alaskans depend upon is bad enough. But his failure to speak up forcefully regarding President Donald Trump’s denigration of American armed forces dead is a grave dereliction of his duty as both a commissioned officer and a senator.

The original Atlantic magazine story reporting Trump’s comments has now been independently corroborated — not simply recounted — by the AP, Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, and, yes, as hard as it is to fathom, Fox News. This is not “Fake News” from a disgruntled former employee, a category that now seems to be applied to virtually every former administration official, but a fully creditable report from numerous sources. Further it is fully consistent with numerous public statements made by Trump about John McCain, George H. W. Bush, and other former high-level military officers.

If Sullivan does not have the fortitude to speak truth to power on such a matter of military honor, not to mention simple human decency, he not only is no longer worthy of touting his military rank, he does not deserve to continue to represent the State of Alaska in the U.S. Senate. Alaska’s interests do not simply align with a Cult of Personality, but demand representation by a leader willing not only to put forth the true interests of our citizens, but willing to come to the defense of fallen soldiers, sailors and airmen in a manner demanded of all serving officers. To fail to do so is a derogation of both of his oaths of office.

Honor, Courage, and Commitment, the Core Values of the Marines is an admirable code for all of us to live by. For a Senator, and especially a USMC officer, it must be the standard that we demand.

Mark Roye

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