Hunter success prompts closure of moose hunt

Registration permit hunt RM164 for bull moose in Game Management Unit 6B has ended, after confirmation that the maximum allowable harvest of 28 bull moose had been taken by hunters, Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials in Cordova said.

The hunt area includes all of Unit 6B, including the Gulf of Alaska and Copper River Basin drainages wet of Palm Point near Katalla, east of the west bank of the Copper River and east of a line from Flag Point to Cottonwood Point.

ADF&G announced Monday, Sept. 21 closure plans for midnight Tuesday, Sept. 22, due to the maximum harvest being reached. ADF&G acknowledged that with hunters still in the field after reports indicated the take stood at 28 bull moose that it was possible additional moose may have been taken and not yet reported.

The closure was necessary to prevent harvest beyond the management goal, they said.

The closure affects only that registration permit hunt area. None of the other moose hunting regulations in the rest of Game Management Unit 6 were affected.