GAPP holds virtual annual meeting

A panel of overseas marketing representatives for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute will answer questions on how to capitalize international markets. The discussion will be held Oct. 12 during the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers virtual annual meeting.

Hannah Lindoff, ASMI’s senior director of global marketing and strategy, will moderate the panel with participants from Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, South America and Eastern Europe.

“For us to fully capitalize on our international markets, we must first understand the best opportunities for our fish and working with ASMI’s global experts who are in the field helps us,” said Craig Morris, GAPP CEO.

The event is sponsored by American Seafoods, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Clark Nuber, Garrigan Lyman Group, Glacier Fish Company, Global Seas, Golden Alaska Seafoods, OneforNeptune, Starbound, Sysco Seattle, Trans-Ocean Products and UniSea.