New ‘I Voted’ stickers show Alaska’s diversity

Colorful new 2020 “I Voted” stickers for Alaskans are now available in English, Spanish, Koyukon, Gwich’in, Aleut, Tagalog, Alutiiq, Northern Inupiaq, Nunivak Cup’ig and Yup’ik.

The project, with artwork by beloved Alaskan artist Barbara Lavallee, is a salute to the struggle women endured for the right to vote and the continued fight for many women in Alaska, said Gail Fenumial, director of the state Division of Elections.

The theme carries over into the official election pamphlets that all voters received In the mail.

For those who vote from home, with absentee ballots, digital stickers will be available on the Division of Elections website,, with a link to the stickers.

“I loved working on this project,” Lavallee said. “What a treat for me to represent Alaska and the 100th year of women’s right to vote.”

The series of images shows people from different areas of the state as well as urban voters.