Pratt Museum opens Shifting Tides: Convergence in Cloth

Rings of Eternity, a quilt expressing an artist’s feelings on the Pacific Ocean, is on display at the Pratt Museum in Homer through Nov. 18, as part of the Shifting Tides: Convergence in Cloth exhibit. Photo courtesy of the Pratt Museum

Homer’s Pratt Museum has announced a new exhibit, Shifting Tides: Convergence in Cloth, exploring the ocean through the eyes of Pacific region artists, to run through Nov. 28, says Jennifer Gibbins, executive director.

The exhibit features the work of 45 artists from Southern California northward to Western Canada and Alaska, as well as Hawaii, who were asked to express their concerns and feelings about the Pacific Ocean. The exhibit was made possible through a partnership of Pratt with Studio Art Quilt Associates, an international organization that promotes the quilt as an art form. SAQA has a history of inviting artists to explore topical, sometimes controversial topics, and in this case the world’s largest ecosystem.

The 45 works range widely in content and technique, drawing on realism, abstract and nonrepresentational depictions. The pieces on display were chosen from over 160 submissions for SAQA artists. Curated by renowned textile artists Ann Johnston, the exhibit offers a variation of style and context about the plight of oceans and the communities they support.

“Merely because we live in this part of the world, we as individuals are part of the Pacific ecosystem,” wrote Georgia French and Sonja Campbell, co-chairs of the exhibit planning committee. “On a daily basis we may not recognize the changes that are happening, but they are of vital importance to our world.”

Many of the artists have recorded a brief talk about their works of art, which can be retrieved by calling 703-520-6404 and entering the four-digit Guide by Cell Item Number listed on the gallery label while walking through the museum.

The exhibit is open 11 a.m. -4 p.m. Thursday through Saturday each week.

Masks are required for entrance and inside the museum.

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