Letter to the Editor: Thanks to fishing derby sponsors and volunteers

The Ed Zeine Kids Fishing Derby was very well attended this year. There were 65 kids registered and 14 silver salmon were brought in to be weighed. Winners for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and random draw for each age group are:

Age group 11-15
1st place is Amiyah Kedzierski 10.85 lbs.
2nd place is Ari Bolin 7.25 lbs.
The Neil Schultz Fishing Buddy Award winner is Natalia Clement

Age group 6-10
1st place is Tyler Calfina 10.50 lbs.
2nd place is Harbor Amnurman 9.85 lbs.
3rd place is Brady McManus 8.45 lbs.

The Neil Schultz Fishing Buddy Award winner is Ameliya Dillon

Age group 2-5
1st place is Kailanah Morse 12.20 lbs.
2nd place is Talah Morse 11.75 lbs.
3rd place is Quori Morse 10.55 lbs.

The Neil Schultz Fishing Buddy Award winner is Hawk Kennison

A special thank you to our sponsors: Cordova Moose Lodge 1266, Mount McKinley Lodge No.5, Pioneers of Alaska Igloo #19 & Auxiliary #5, Cordova Community Medical Center and the Powder House. Thanks also to a great volunteer crew: Janice, Laurie, Cece, Jeff, Heidi, and the tent crew, Richard, Bret and Eric. Cathy for the poster, Chuck and Butch for the grill and tables and Brian for the scale. Thank you, Ann Schultz, for the donation for the Fishing Buddy Award in memory of Neil Schultz.

You all made this year’s event successful.

Vivian Knop
Fishing Derby Organizer

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