Southwest PWS goat hunt is over

Registration permit hunt RG266 for mountain goats in Game Management Unit 6D closed by emergency order on Saturday, Oct. 17, to avoid the possibility of the harvest exceeding the limit, resulting in a reduction of future hunting opportunity.

Hunt area RG266 includes mainland drainages south of Icy Bay, Tiger Glacier and Sargent Icefield, east of Cape Fairfield, and west of Port Bainbridge and Bain Ridge Passage.

The most recent aerial survey found a minimum count of 291 goats in this permit area. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game set the maximum allowable harvest at 10 goat points, and as of Friday, Oct. 16, the harvest included nine billies and one nanny for a total of 11 goat points, said Charlotte Westing, area wildlife biologist at Cordova. Each billy counts as one goat point and each nanny counts as two goat points.

With hunters still in the field, it is likely that additional goats have been taken and not yet reported Westing said.

The closure affects only registration permit hunt RG266 in Unit 6D. All other mountain goat hunting regulations in the remainder of Unit 6 are unaffected by this emergency order.