Letter to the Editor: Galvin understands Alaska

As Alaskans, we have a historic opportunity in this election to send a new representative to Washington, D.C. for us: Alyse Galvin.

Sending Alyse to Congress is an opportunity to have a Representative who cares about and understands our local and regional issues. 

As a former small-business owner, Alyse understands the need for affordable health care, both from the perspective of employees and as a business owner who needs employee coverage expenses to be manageable in order to launch or expand a business. As someone who led the movement to demand more funding for Alaska’s public schools, she values education for our youth, always our strongest asset and a crucial investment. 

As a Representative, Alyse will bring passion and commitment to Congress in order to advocate for Alaskan issues. She is a thoughtful listener — she’s continually asking people about their big concerns in our communities.

During one of his rare visits to Cordova, Rep. Don Young couldn’t muster the appearance of empathy for our struggle with ferry service to support our remote, coastal community.

“If you’re going to wait for the federal government to do it, you’ve got a long wait,” was the best he could do. Not that he has influence to do anything about it anymore — in the years since Don Young was stripped of his committee chairmanships for ethics violations, Alaska has lost $1 billion in infrastructure funding. 

Please vote for Alyse Galvin and take advantage of this historic opportunity for our state.


Kristin Carpenter