Additional COVID-19 case identified

Medical team urges residents to exercise extreme caution during holiday weekend

Cordova, Alaska. (Photo by Emily Mesner/The Cordova Times)

An additional positive COVID-19 case was identified Monday, Nov. 23 in Cordova.

This brings the active case count to 11, the city announced Tuesday, Nov. 24. The city alert level was raised from a level 3 (yellow) to a level 4 (orange) on Monday, Nov. 23 after six new cases were identified over the weekend.

The Medical Response Team advises residents to exercise extreme caution.

“This is a delicate and important moment in our community’s COVID-19 trajectory,” city officials stated. “With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, it is paramount that every individual does their best to keep their social bubbles small and minimize personal exposure. Social distance remains our most effective tool in the fight against COVID-19. Use it.”

Of the 50 cases identified since the start of the pandemic, 38 are presumed recovered as of Tuesday, Nov. 24. Two people have been hospitalized. One person hospitalized for end-of-life care and later tested positive died on Nov. 18.

Thirty-six cases have been Cordova residents and 14 have been non-residents. A Mt. Eccles Elementary School second grader tested positive for the virus Tuesday, Nov. 17, prompting a two-week return to online-only instruction for many students. However, no additional cases have been identified in the school system, officials said.

Testing is available at Ilanka Health Clinic 2-3 p.m. Mondays and Fridays and noon-1 p.m. Saturdays. Please call ahead to pre-register at 907-424-3622. The testing entry is downstairs across from the St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church. Testing at Cordova Community Medical Center is 9-9:30 a.m. Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays at the ambulance bay.

For more information, visit the city’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Cordova’s alert level system:

As described in Cordova’s health advisory plan on the city’s COVID-19 dashboard.


  • No restrictions/mandates or rules.


  • Local City Emergency declarations may be requested by the Mayor/City Council/City Manager with Local Medical Team’s recommendations. Incident Management Team and Emergency Operations Center may be implemented. If we are seeing downward trends and all is going well, we will methodically move to lift restrictions. Cordova may follow the State’s lead after the Cordova Medical Team and City Council confirms transition is justified using metrics recommended by the State of Alaska. May include City Rules.

Local City Emergency

  • Declarations implemented. Incident Management Team and Emergency Operations Center standing up. If the situation is stable or we are seeing a slow increase in cases, we may ask for voluntary measures to flatten the curve. Cordova follows the State’s lead after the Cordova Medical Team and City Council confirms transition is justified using metrics recommended by the State of Alaska. Prepare Community for closing of public spaces and implement City Rules and Mandates.

Local Community Outbreak

  • Rules Triggered: Consistent or rapid increase in cases within the City. Consistent rapid increase in cases in the community, in the City market places or community with direct lines of transportation with the City, or the City is running out of capacity to care for Covid-19 patients. Temporary Closing of Public Spaces not to include Critical Services and Essential Business as determined by City Council with recommendations by the Incident Management Team.


  • Uncontrollable Outbreaks, Imminent Life Danger, Critical Emergency Services unable to handle situation. Hunker down order Issued, closing of all public and private spaces, not to include Critical Emergency Services.