2020 has been a challenging year. In the spirit of the season, we invited readers to submit letters of thanks to members of the community. As usual, when it comes to kindess, Cordova shines. Thank you for sharing your words of gratitude, and thank you for reading The Cordova Times.

Gunalch’eech Eyak Corporation

I would like to thank The Eyak Corporation.

When Cordova was just gearing up to the magnitude of the virus, and what could possibly happen here, and assessing our needs to prepare, they, quite “out of the blue,” sent $200,000 dollars to our community to be used in pretty much any means that was for COVID preparedness.

A wonderful corporate citizen who deserves our thanks. I’m unaware of any other such private gifts of this magnitude. Gunalch’eech.

Sylvia Lange

At home in Cordova

During the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to really reflect and prioritize what is important and meaningful in my life.

It is not the price tag on my clothes, the number of possessions I own, or the individual successes I achieve, it is the community that surrounds and supports me each day.

Although I am the only Iannazzone in Cordova, I am surrounded by family and friends who I am eternally grateful for. Thank you to everyone in Cordova who has welcomed me with open arms and has made me feel truly at home for the first time in my life!

Chris Iannazzone

Thanks for the fishing tips and tricks

I want to thank everyone in the fleet who has helped me figure out how to fish, extended credit to me to make sure I had the right nets, and given me tips and tricks along the way.

This was my first season fishing the flats and second season gillnetting, and I couldn’t have done it without all of you. Hopefully next season brings more fish and fishing time out there!

Patrick McCormick
F/V Sportsman

First responders, essential workers and volunteers make Cordova special

As we approach the end of this unique year, and this week, as we are celebrating thanksgiving, I believe it is a good time to give thanks to those who have helped us on this journey that is 2020.

Our friends and family, our employers, our workers, our loved ones, the ones who drove us crazy, the first responders, our nurses and doctors, our teachers, our retail workers, our mail delivery people, our essential workers, our federal, state, and local governments and officials, the local COVID ambassadors, all of the poll workers, our volunteer delivery drivers, our volunteer medics, firefighters, and volunteer board members of all kinds. I am sorry if I missed any.

Thank you all for your contributions to help us all get through these tough times. We still have a ways to go but with help from us all we will make it. You all combined are truly what make Cordova a special place to live.

Thank you all that made it happen.

Brandon Ryan

Copper River watershed provides many gifts

It’s my second winter holiday season in a row that I am away from family. Last year I had just been married and bought a house — so we didn’t have a lot of wiggle room for expensive travel. Now, this year it is unsafe to travel, especially internationally to my family in Canada. It’s heartbreaking. But, in lieu of focusing on the negative, this year I’m focusing on what I’m grateful for. Even though I can’t see family, there is so much to look forward to and ways to enjoy life now.

The watershed has given us many gifts — it provides temperature refugia with glaciers, salmon habitat for future seafood, fresh air and carbon sequestration. Natural resources harvested from the watershed can be shared with loved ones and served at Thanksgiving dinner this year even though we may not all be at the same table. This year I’m grateful for the watershed, and I’m looking and thinking of the long term when I plan for my holiday meals. I’m wishing you all a safe, healthy Thanksgiving season.

Lisa Docken
Executive director, Copper River Watershed Project

Thank you for making Cordova home

There are far too many people for Mandy and me to thank for the support, love and encouragement we have received since we moved to Cordova one year ago.

Time and time again we have been amazed at the spirit of generosity and resilience that typifies Cordovans. Even during a tumultuous and tense 2020, Cordovans have rallied together and found new ways to honor our graduating seniors, experience festivals, and even trick-or-treat! This community has consistently shown that no matter what obstacle, we are stronger when we lean on each other, lift each other up, and continue to find God’s image in the face of our neighbors.

From the bottom of our hearts, we give thanks to God for being a part of this community and for each and every person who makes Cordova the wonderful home that it is!

Mike and Mandy Glover

To all of my family and friends

I would like to thank you all for your support and prayers and kind words. It’s been a long road for me and having all of you has been such a blessing.

I’m staying MIM TUFF but sometimes my emotions take over when I think about all that you have done for me and continue to do. It’s been hard not being able to get hugs and have gatherings but I know that time will come. I love you all.

Thank you,


Mildred Hodges

The Powder House appreciates its customers

The Powder House would like to extend our heartfelt thank you for the trust and loyalty from our customers during these troubled times, AND to our staff for stepping up to the plate and doing a wonderful job. Thank you all very much and have a great Thanksgiving.

Thank you again.

Gary and Libbie Graham

To all the Cordova School District staff

“Thank you” does not begin to cover our deep appreciation for the work all of the Cordova School District staff has done at every level to open our schools and engage our students in their education. You have continued to provide education under difficult and serious circumstances, while keeping our students safety and learning at the forefront of every action.

You learned how to open the buildings safely. You learned new ways of teaching and communicating and cleaning, adjusted schedules and course work and activities. You have found and utilized new tools. You have been flexible and courageous. You have epitomized the deepest values of our district and are setting amazing examples for our students. Words alone cannot express the gratitude in our heart but Thank You Cordova School District staff!

From the deeply grateful Cordova Board of Education,
Barb Jewell, Sheryl Glasen, Tammy Altermott, Peter Hoepfner and Brett Bradford

Thanks for your trust in AC Store

Our team here at AC has been committed to cleanliness, safety and serving Cordova in the face of a global pandemic and it’s challenges. As we move toward this holiday season it is important to take time to reflect and be thankful for our incredible community.

Thank you to our local first responders, the Cordova Prepared Group, and all frontline employees that have been helping us navigate the CDC and state guidelines. You have assisted us every day in implementing best practices for protecting ourselves and keeping everyone healthy.

We are also thankful for our customers trust in us. Your patience and understanding as we have worked through all of the changes, and your continued support as we serve you, has meant the world to us.

Thank you.

Robbe Gilmour and the AC Team