Holiday dance performances begin tonight

Serena Herschleb performs in a previous holiday production by Current Rhythms dance studio. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Kleissler

Music and dance performances will be held on Fridays, Dec. 4, Dec. 11 and Dec. 18 on Main Street. Sidewalk Serenade, a musical performance featuring singing and bells, will begin at 5:30 p.m., followed by Winter by Window Light, a series of dance performances, from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Dance performances, organized by Current Rhythms dance studio, draw inspiration from New York City’s department store window displays, said Alyssa Kleissler, who will direct the event alongside her sister Marita. Dressed as toys, puppets and elves, 13 dancers will appear in the windows of Cordova Historical Museum and Children’s Pallas. Seven of those dancers are members of the studio’s junior dance company, Alyssa Kleissler said. Initial plans to include a performance at the First-Street establishment of Coppery Valley Wireless were cancelled.

Current Rhythms graduate Gabrielle Brown performs in a previous holiday production by the dance studio. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Kleissler

The dancers will act out a brief, repeating routine that will give onlookers a chance to catch the entire performance without having to crowd around the window for fear of missing out, Alyssa Kleissler said. These Friday music and dance performances will give Cordovans an opportunity to enjoy festive entertainment despite the fact that the North Star Theatre can’t currently be used at its full capacity, she said.

“It’s a moment of levity during this time,” Alyssa Kleissler said. “That’s our goal: we just want to spread a little cheer and lighten people’s hearts.”

The music and dance performances coincide with Moonlight Madness, a Cordova Chamber of Commerce event promoting local businesses.

“I just hope people come out,” Alyssa Kleissler said. “I hope they walk down the streets of Cordova during Moonlight Madness and enjoy a little entertainment and have some fun shopping.”