EVOSTC seeks proposals for coming decade

An invitation is out for proposals for long-term research and monitoring programs of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trust Council, with a March 29 deadline on ideas to be considered by the council at its fall 2021 meeting,

Related proposal and budget forms for the FY22-31 invitation are at evostc.state.ak.us/publications/invitations-for-proposals/fy22-31-invitation-for-proposals.

All proposals submitted are to be reviewed in April and May by council staff, the trust agency staff and EVOSTC science panel, and circulated to individual trustees. Revisions and comments will be added to the council’s draft FY22-31 work plan in June and sent to proposers to assist in any final proposal revisions.

Complete instructions related to project proposals are at the above website.

The council also has scheduled a meeting via Zoom on Jan. 19 to discuss proposals to change its annual meeting and reporting requirements, combining habitat and research accounts, and changing the oil spill boundary. Public comments for the draft resolutions for each of those draft resolutions are posted on the council’s website at evostc.state.ak.us/publications/trustee-council-2020-draft-resolutions-for-public-comment.

The draft meeting agenda is at evostc.state.ak.us/media/7408/draft-tc-jan192020-mtg-agenda-rev12212020.pdf.


The complete draft agenda for that session and remote teleconferencing invitation is available at evostc.state.ak.us/events.