IPHC defers potential management modification decisions to annual meeting

Potential modifications to existing stock management plans are now on the agenda for the 97th session of the International Pacific Halibut Commission, after efforts to hold a special session on that issue were deferred due to what the IPHC described as connectivity issues.

The IPHC has placed the issue on its agenda, along with reports from the IPHC’s management strategy advisory board. Meanwhile the IPHC has called for a pause on further work on evaluating the management procedure options, as the latest material in detail will be reviewed during the annual meeting.

All sessions of the commission’s meeting will be webcast and are open to the general public unless the commission specifically decides otherwise. The entire agenda is at iphc.int/uploads/pdf/am/am097/iphc-2021-am097-00.pdf.

Instructions for registration for the meeting care at iphc.int/uploads/pdf/documents/iphc-2020-adobeconnect.pdf.

The IPHC is an international fisheries organization founded in 1923 by an international treaty between Canada and the United States, to manage stocks of Pacific halibut.