New cooking guide offered by Bristol Bay fishermen

Online recipes with videos offer step by step guide for those new to cooking sockeye salmon.

As retail seafood sales rise among thousands of people now cooking more at home because of the pandemic, Bristol Bay harvesters are lending a hand with a new online Salmon Cooking Guide offering easy to prepare tasty sockeye salmon dishes.

A click on to the buyer’s guide, at connects cook with videos and simple written instructions on how to bake, broil, pan sear, poach, grilling and steam Bristol Bay sockeyes with easy to find ingredients.

It’s not rocket science.

The potato chip crusted salmon entre for four is a good example.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees, then place four fillets cut from one pound of Bristol Bay sockeye salmon on a greased baking sheet, spread half a tablespoon of mayonnaise over each, followed by half a cup of roughly crushed salt and vinegar potato chips (or another flavor of choice) on top.  The fillets are then roasted and the potato chips are lightly browned.  The salmon, cooked to medium-rare to medium, is then garnished with chopped chives and lemon wedges. Dinner is served in less than 10 minutes.

Other options range from steamed salmon with ginger and sizzling sesame oil and hot honey broiled sockeye salmon to sake poached pan seared salmon, salmon tacos, salmon poke bowls and salmon waffles.


For the salmon waffle, the cook simple mixes in a bowl eight to nine ounces of cooked or canned salmon flaked into small bits, along with the prescribed amounts of bacon, panko bread crums, lemon juice, fresh dill, bell pepper, green onions, garlic, sharp cheddar cheese, two eggs, oilive oil, salt and pepper.  Spray a waffle iron or panini press with cooking spray and pour the mix in, three fourths of a cup at a time.   The salmon waffles are then served with a dollop of sour cream.

“Wild caught salmon is the home cook’s secret weapon,” says the guide, which includes cooking demonstrations, expert tips and more from leading culinary experts, including YouTube star Adam Ragusea, renowned Seattle Chef Tom Douglas, Alaska-based culinary influencers Maya Wilson and Kaylah Thomas, Bristol Bay salmon experts Susie Brito, and Apay’uq Moore, award-winning Texas barbecue pitmaster Jess Pryles, and more.

Along with the Salmon Cooking Guide, Rising Tide Communications in Anchorage has produced a Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Buyer’s Guide, outlining product forms, sizing and best practices for wholesale buyers and retail teams. The buyer’s guide, online at, also responds to questions asked during dozens of retail partnerships with the Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon brand over the past four years.