U.S. Coast Guard will hold virtual formal hearing on loss of F/V Scandies Rose

A formal virtual hearing to consider evidence related to the sinking of the fishing vessel Scandies Rose is now scheduled by the U.S. Coast Guard to be held on Feb. 22 at the Center for the Arts in Edmonds, Washington.

The 130-foot crab vessel, homeported at Dutch Harbor, sank near Sutwik Island at about 10 p.m. on New Year’s Eve 2019, with seven crew members on board. Two were rescued. The bodies of the other five crewmembers were never recovered despite a search that spanned over 20 hours and 1,400 square miles.

To ensure public access and participation, the hearing will be streamed live each day at livestream.com/uscginvestigations/events/9427626. The hearing session will also be archived on the website so the public can view them at a later date.

Maritime Commons, the Coast Guard blog for maritime professionals, will provide hearing updates at mariners.coastguard.blog and via Twitter @maritimecommons with the hashtag #ScandiesRoseMBI.

The hearing will focus on conditions influencing the vessel prior to and at the time of the casualty.

The Coast Guard said this will include weather, icing, fisheries, the Scandies Rose’s material condition, owner and operator organizational structures and culture, the regulatory compliance record of the vessel, and testimony from survivors and others.

The Coast Guard has established an email address for the public and interested parties to provide information, ask questions and make comments related to the ongoing investigation and scheduled hearing. This email is to be checked regularly and all correspondence will be acknowledged during the course of the hearing and throughout the investigation.

The email address is ScandiesRoseMBI@uscg.mil.