Coast Guard vessel exams coming to Cordova in April

Fishing vessels docked in Cordova Harbor, (April 14, 2020) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

Free no-fault dockside examinations are being offered in Cordova from April 16-24 by commercial fishing vessel examiners from the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Valdez.

These exams are conducted on a limited basis, so vessel owners are advised to be prepared for their scheduled exam by reviewing applicable requirements and purchasing the necessary equipment for their vessel in advance.

Fishermen are encouraged to visit and click the link to the Checklist Generator. This application accepts input on the fishing vessel, such as length, persons aboard, where it operates and more, and generates a list of requirements that apply to that specific vessel.

Mariners wishing to complete their annual exam in Cordova should contact MSU Valdez examiners before April 15 at 907-795-5885. They need to provide a preferred date and time for their exam, slip number, type of vessel, length, tonnage, name, color of vessel and owner contact information. For additional information on this program in Valdez and Cordova, call Petty Officer Jessica Elder at 907-795-5885.

Coast Guard officials are especially reminding vessel operators that all fire extinguishers on board require maintenance and inspections. Non-rechargeable extinguishers require annual maintenance performed by the vessel owner and are required to be replaced after 12 years. Rechargeable extinguishers require annual maintenance by an individual who is certified/licensed to do so.

All extinguishers require a tamper-proof seal installed and a servicing tag or inspection checklist to record the last 12 monthly inspections. A safety decal will not be issued to the vessel if fire extinguishers do not meet applicable servicing requirements.