Mt. Eccles bomb threat ‘not credible’

Mt. Eccles Elementary School. (Jan. 28, 2021) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

A Thursday, Jan. 28 bomb threat phone call to Mt. Eccles Elementary School did not represent a credible danger to students, staff or property, Police Chief Nate Taylor said.

At around 10:15 a.m., Mt. Eccles personnel were contacted by a caller using a Michigan-based phone number, who threatened to bomb the school. In response, students were brought inside from the playground, but classes were not canceled. Cordova Police Department officers arrived to surveil the area, and monitored the arrival and dismissal of students. There was no evidence of suspicious activity around the school, Taylor said.

That afternoon, other suspicious phone calls were received in Cordova from the same caller.

“The other calls didn’t involve any sort of threat,” Taylor said. “They were just odd, random calls.”

Cordova police forwarded information on the calls to the FBI’s Anchorage office. It was subsequently determined that several elementary schools across multiple states received similar threats during the morning of Jan. 28, according to an announcement by Superintendent Alex Russin.