6th graders explore astronomy on night hike

Sixth grade students stand in front of Mt. Eccles with the moon shining bright. Photo courtesy of Nicole Webster

By Roman Quemado
For The Cordova Times

Jan. 25-26, sixth grade students went on a hike up Reservoir Trail. Teacher Krysta Williams got help from Lauren Bien and Nicole Webster, educators from Prince William Sound Science Center. Before the hike, Photographer David Little taught the students photography methods during online sessions. Nicole Webster also taught the students in person about using the camera’s settings and taking photos.

This is the second year this event happened. It allowed students the opportunity to learn about astrophotography and stargazing, and to bond with classmates.

The students enjoyed stargazing during this event.

“I liked being out at the reservoir and looking at the night sky,” student Adelaide Botz said. “And when the stars come out it’s even better.”

They enjoyed learning about the subjects and having the opportunity to take some photos during the hike.

“I would definitely do the photography again,” student Sean Ybanez said. “Everything was fun on the hike. We talked while we walked up, laughed, and told jokes! It was a great time with my classmates.”

Their peers had a fun time during this event with each other and even had some laughs as well.

“I was helping one of my classmates up,” Violet Simpler chuckled. “She fell and started laughing then I fell too!”