Recall Dunleavy campaign approaches signature goal

Photo courtesy of Recall Dunleavy

An effort to recall Gov. Mike Dunleavy is seeing a fresh surge of support, with a total of 56,476 signatures gathered and just 14,776, more to go, said Recall Dunleavy chair Meda DeWitt.

A number of Alaskans have asked to sign the petition in the last few weeks, DeWitt said. Many others have requested to have mail-in recall petition booklets sent to them.

The governor meanwhile says he’s doing what he was elected to do and plans to keep moving forward with his agenda.

The recall group estimated that as of Monday, Feb. 22 they had gathered 79% of the signatures required. “They understand that Gov. Dunleavy continues to hurt Alaska by repeatedly breaking the law and violating our constitution, and they’re experiencing the effects of his initial cuts to infrastructure, education, and other essential services that undermine the Alaskan economy and way of life,” she said.

DeWitt also said that over 3,200 individual Alaskans have donated to the recall effort, many of them multiple times. “In total, 96% of our contributors are living, working, operating businesses and raising their families in-state,” she said

Those interested in signing the petition are invited to visit or call 866-744-6425 for a list of in-person signing opportunities in some communities. Mail-in petitions can be requested on the website.

Dunleavy’s office said in response to an email request from The Cordova Times that the governor “is doing what he was elected to do and firmly believes his record will withstand any recall effort.

“While the recall group is focused on politics, the governor is focused on navigating Alaska during one of the worst crises in the state’s history. Having the best vaccination rates in the country, the governor is focused on the safety of seniors and all Alaskans during the pandemic,” his office said.

Dunleavy also said that he would continue to fight for the full Permanent Fund Dividend and push forward capital budget projects which will stimulate the economy and put people to work.