Students improve communication skills while canoeing

From left, students Dylan Sharky and Landon Woods navigate One-Eyed pond in a canoe. Photo by Aiden Flores/for The Cordova Times

By Roman Quemado
For The Cordova Times

On May 12-13 the Mt. Eccles Elementary School sixth grade class went on a field trip to One-Eyed Pond. Sixth grade teacher Krysta Williams and Lauren Bien from the Prince William Sound Science Center organized this event.

The canoes were provided by PWSSC for the students to use during the field trip. Students were also able to kayak around the pond as well.

A past sixth grade class did a similar field trip during a previous year. Originally, there was a camp-out opportunity but COVID regulations have prevented that from happening this year.

The students learned how to start fire using friction with a piece of string and wood. Students also participated in a “spider-web” challenge. This activity requires students to communicate with each other to get through a rope obstacle.

“The whole field trip was very enjoyable,” student Chelsea Mapili said. “I especially liked kayaking out on the pond and playing the ‘web game’ with my classmates.”

This activity allowed students to communicate with each other and gain confidence for students to be able to try something new.

“I’m hoping that there will be some unforeseen challenges that the students get to navigate and can get a feeling of accomplishment,” Williams said. “I also hope that they just have a lot of fun being together.”