Cordova hits 38 active virus cases

A scanning electron microscope image showing novel coronavirus particles emerging from a cell in the lab. (June 25, 2021) Image courtesy of NIAID

Cordova reported 10 resident cases of the novel coronavirus Tuesday, July 13.

Some community events have been postponed or moved online due to rising infection counts. A public forum on substance abuse issues originally scheduled for Tuesday, July 20 was postponed until further notice, and a 4H Music Camp originally planned to be held July 19-23 around the Mt. Eyak Ski Hill was converted into a virtual event. Additionally, Cordova Family Resource Center announced that it would close its offices to walk-in traffic. Some businesses, such as NorthStar Alignment chiropractic and massage therapy center, have voluntarily restricted customer access in response to the outbreak.

While there are no plans to return to online-only city council meetings, the city is considering once more requiring attendees to wear masks, officials said. All visitors to Cordova Public Library and the Cordova Historical Museum, including visitors who have been vaccinated, are currently required to wear masks.

Plans for Copper River Salmon Jam festivities remained mostly unaffected. The event was planned with coronavirus safety in mind, organizers said. However, the Alaska Salmon Runs barbecue dinner event has been moved from the Pioneer Igloo hall to the nearby parking lot of the Cordova Center.

“We know what to do,” City Manager Helen Howarth said. “We have experience. We know how to protect ourselves and our neighbors. If we all do our part, we can stop this particular outbreak, and we can continue to enjoy our community socially and otherwise.”

Of the 171 cases so far reported in Cordova, 38 are believed to be currently active, according to data published by the city. Of those 171 cases, 150 were Cordova residents and 21 were non-residents. A cumulative total of four people who tested positive for the virus have been hospitalized, according to data published by Ilanka Community Health Center. As of July 13, 1,412 people have been fully vaccinated in Cordova.

Coronavirus vaccinations are available at both CCMC and ICHC. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 907-424-3045.