Business Spotlight: 60 North Seafoods offers miso black cod and other specialties

Offloading black cod from the F/V Seymour. Photo courtesy of Gregular Images

The following Q&A was conducted with Kevin Linzey, logistics manager for 60 North Seafoods.

60 North Seafoods was founded in 2018, built by fishermen, to support commercial, subsistence, and sport fishers in the region. Our small processing facility is a resource for the town of Cordova and the community members for their seafood custom processing needs. 60 North Seafoods buys and sales commercial seafood available in the front retail store, custom process direct market fishers to sale and market their own catch, and custom process sport and subsistence caught seafood for their home pack needs.

How has the business changed over the years?

Being a young/developing business, we have kept our focus on producing the highest quality of our premium Alaska seafood. Cordova being home of the Wild Copper River Salmon, Alaskan halibut, black cod (sablefish), rockfish, lingcod, with a variety of shellfish (Spot prawns, Crab) all available in our front retail store.

What are some new items or offerings you’re excited about?

A couple of new items in our retail products to try is our new Miso Black cod, Thai Salmon Patties, three kinds of spread (smoked halibut, smoked black cod, and smoked copper river salmon), and some smoked products (cold-smoked coho lox, smoked black cod or sockeye salmon portion).

How does your business impact the community of Cordova?

The community of Cordova is very important to us. We strive to support regional harvesters by providing high grounds prices for commercial fishermen, empowering direct market fishermen providing value-added processing for their markets and available custom processing for sport and subsistence users. 60 North provides local employment opportunities, promotes regional seafood landings into Cordova contributing to fish landing taxes, sales taxes from our front retail store, along with being a customer/client to all the local businesses in the fishing industry that the town and community of Cordova are built on.

Anything else you’d like to share?

With daylight getting shorter and having the fall season on its way, this means coho season is just getting started. 60 North would like to welcome all the sport fishermen to Cordova to enjoy the beauty and premier fishing that this area is known for. We are excited to assist in any way we can and are open for business. Let us know how we can help. Give us a call 907-424-7755 with any questions or stop by the front retail store. Ice is also available to keep your beer and catch chilled for transport. Looking forward to a great 2021 coho season!

60 North Seafoods is owned and operated by fisherfolk, John Wiese, Sena and Rich Wheeler with retail and processing facilities at 210 Jim Poor Ave. 60 North can also be reached at 907-424-7755 or

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