Obituary: Gregory Elias Rubio

June 25, 1987–July 28, 2021

Gregory Rubio was born June 25, 1987, and passed away July 28, 2021, in Anchorage. He grew up in Cordova and loved his town. Greg was a very traveled and experienced person. He had modeled, served seven years in the Marines, was a local police officer, security guard, fisherman, served several years at the North Slope, and was an 18-wheel truck driver.

Greg attended Music Camp ran by Belle Mickelson at 8 years old, and from that time, he loved to play his guitar, write his own music and sing. Music was a great blessing in his life and for his family.

Gregory loved to ski, hike, climb mountains, drive through rivers with his brother Ben, hunt, fish and generally experience all of Alaska’s bounty. He owned and operated OTR (Out The Road) Adventures so others could enjoy remote areas of Cordova.

He was kind and compassionate and would give his last shirt to a friend. Greg was an organ donor which helped others and he saved the lives of those in need. We were very proud and fortunate to have Greg in our lives.

Gregory is survived by his parents, Elias and Diana Rubio; his oldest brother Joshua Rubio and nephews, Tazheem, Eliazar, and Benicio Rubio; his brother Benjamin Rubio and wife Kristi and nephews, Levi, Wyatt and Silas Rubio; his ex-wife and best friend Emily and by his many loyal, loving, wonderful friends who will miss him as we do.

A send-off for Gregory is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 6 at Bolder Alley.