Music student awarded a fiddle

Jasmine’s Ridao’s family, including mother Alma Ridao, aunt Alona and uncle Wendell Dadula were at Morning Music to see Jasmine receive the fiddle. Photo courtesy of Noah Mayer

Morning Music a couple weeks ago was very exciting. Kim Menster did a fun job of leading songs — and we had a fiddle donated by one of our past Cordova 4H Music Camp instructors, Wade Hampton Miller, and his wife Lynn. Wade and Lynn asked that it be given to a student enthusiastic about music that would practice and play the fiddle lots. We selected seventh grader Jasmine Ridao who was a faithful participant in Morning Music in elementary school — and is still participating now that she’s in junior high! We really appreciate older students like Jasmine who are helping along with high school students Rebecca Dadula and Noah Mayer. We are grateful, too, for the fifth and sixth graders and the parents and community members who are also assisting.

Mt. Eccles Elementary School principal Stephanie Milner told students how much she loved music — and was proud of them for participating. I told students that when they really get into music, someone will give them an instrument; they can trade something (I traded all my baseball and football cards that she had collected in fifth and sixth grade for my current fiddle) or they can save their allowance or the money they earn from a job to buy their instrument. And, in the meantime, Cordova 4H can loan you one. Then Kim Menster handed Jasmine the fiddle. Jasmine picked “You Are My Sunshine” as the first song to play on her new fiddle with her Morning Music friends. Yay! And thank you, Wade and Lynn, for the donation.