Letter to the Editor: A day for gratitude

I recently read this definition of gratitude — ”a feeling of reverence for what is given.” That word “reverence” brings to mind God to whom we show, have and give “reverence.” In other words, gratitude, being thankful or giving thanks, has something to do with God.

It is good to remember that Thanksgiving Day has been set aside on our national calendar as a day to give God thanks. Its origins go back to a religious people, the Pilgrims, who thanked the Native Americans for helping them out. Giving thanks to God and thanks to neighbor was natural to them.

Likewise, as we give thanks and gather with the special people in our lives, let us commit to living gratefully so we will live generously, not only in the holiday season, but throughout our lives. My wishes and prayers to you for a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy this great holiday with the spirit of gratitude.

God’s blessings be with each of you and your loved ones.

The Rev. Michael Kim
St. Joseph’s Church