Community Health: Let’s ‘Kick the 19’, Cordova

Medical director asks community to join CCMC in 19 weeks of weight loss check-ins

Dr. Paul Gloe
For The Cordova Times

As we emerge out of the COVID-19 pandemic, studies have demonstrated inactivity and obesity as significant risk factors for more severe and prolonged COVID-19 illnesses. Similar studies have also shown an alarming increase in the rates of obesity and undesired weight gain since March 2020. This weight gain can be directly attributed to the stressors of the pandemic. Approximately 40% of adults in the U.S. have gained 15-30 lbs. since March 2020.

Join me in a 19-week program, with the goal that all participants lose 19 pounds over the course of 19 weeks. Let’s Kick the 19 in the butt and get healthier together.

When I was in medical school I went to a very impactful lecture on diet. The research concluded that all of the traditional diet plans had equal success at losing weight if they were adhered to — and if weight loss was not too rapid. One mainstream diet did stand out, though, for its undeniable success at sustaining weight loss. Its success was not related to the specific food strategy: success was from having a weekly weigh-in and support group as part of the program. This weekly meeting offered the concept of accountability and a sense of not struggling alone. The meeting, not the specific diet, is why this was the most successful weight loss program ever in the United States.

Participants with “Kick the 19” will meet for 30 minutes to an hour one night a week to talk about successes and challenges, and for a weigh-in. Your weight can be private, but all participants will share with the group if they have lost weight or not that week. No one will be perfect, and we will be there for each other, supporting one another, because dieting is not easy.

Along the way, I can offer basic advice about diet safety and nutrition, but you will be responsible for choosing your own diet strategy. Remember the best diet is the diet that you can stick with for over three months, and one that consists of foods you will continue to eat after the diet is completed.


The program is free and will be facilitated by me, Dr. Paul Gloe. It is open to all Cordovans, 16 years or older, with the desire to lose 10 or more pounds. We will start the first part of January at Cordova Community Medical Center in a space, and at a time, that can accommodate participants. There will be no Zoom or other internet platforms for participation.

The weekly meeting is at the heart of why we will all succeed. Be brave and join the group. Tell your friends and loved ones also to join. Remember: At least 40% of us gained weight during the pandemic. That weight isn’t going to disappear on its own. I promise you that you will see real results if you can make it 19 weeks with the group! If you have further questions, or would like to sign up, please contact CCMC primary care at 907-424-8200.

Dr. Paul Gloe is a physician who sees patients both in the clinic and hospital setting who serves as the Medical Director for Cordova Community Medical Center.