$12K donated to Cordova Volunteer Fire Department

AC Value Center Director Robbie Gilmour presents CVFD Fire Chief Michael Hicks and Engine 3 Captain Stephen Phillips with a donation from AC Value Centers Community Sponsorship and Round Up Programs. Courtesy photo

By Heather Brannon
For The Cordova Times

On Feb. 3, AC Value Center Manager Robbie Gilmour presented Fire Chief Michael Hicks and Engine 3 Captain Stephen Phillips with a donation check in the amount $12,009.49.

The Cordova Volunteer Fire Department has been working on raising funds for a water rescue apparatus since December 2021. This is a piece of equipment that would be used for an expedient rescue in multiple bodies of water. Including but not limited to responding to vessel crashes, search and rescue, and medical emergencies.

The community of Cordova has a high level of recreation during all months regarding water sports and seasonal hobbies done on or near the water. This can lead to several incidents per year where a timely response could make a difference in saving lives. The department recognized the need for this equipment and is something that can be readily available and rapidly deployed. This would have been beneficial in several rescue situations over the years. This, combined with the lack of funding resources by local, state, and federal programs, prompted recent fundraising efforts. 

On Dec. 4, CVFD held a BBQ fundraiser in collaboration with our local AC Value center. Members donated their time to hosting the event and allowed the community into the local Fire Station to enjoy a meal and learn about the department. This effort was met with continued interest by AC Value Center and the department was encouraged to apply for a community donation through a program hosted by AC Corporate.

Upon granting the original community donation, AC Value Center offered the option of doing a community donation Round Up. The Round Up is a program where community members can choose to Round Up to the nearest dollar when checking out with their groceries at the register and donate the excess amount to a specified charity. This program allows community members to donate small amounts at will that collectively makes a large impact. The Cordova Volunteer Fire Department was the recipient of the Round Up for the month of January.

AC Value Center continuously has offered annual support to Cordovas emergency services and in addition to this year’s fundraising efforts has participated in many emergency preparedness activities. Throughout the past years they have hosted the Seven-Day Survival Preparedness Program and participated as a business in the Great Alaska Shake Out earthquake drill. They also support our local Salvation Army in collecting food donations and raising the Angel Tree for children in need of gifts throughout the holidays. Their continued interest in actively improving the safety and well being of the community is commendable and appreciated.

The Cordova Volunteer Fire Department is grateful to AC Value Center, their employees and the community of Cordova for their assistance and support in the current fundraising efforts. It is through the efforts of many that goals are reached.

Collectively the CVFD has been able to reach 75% of their projected goal amount for this project. Donations to Cordova Volunteer Fire Department donations can be sent to Cordova Volunteer Fire Department, P.O Box 304, Cordova, AK 99574.Heather Brannon is the emergency management coordinator for Cordova Prepared for the city of Cordova.