Obituary: Becky Moore

May 22, 1955 – January 6, 2022

Becky Moore passed away on Jan. 6, 2022, at the age of 66 after a short illness. She was born Becky Sue Matson in Hanford, California but grew up in Cordova, Alaska, a small village on Prince William Sound.

Her parents, Reino and Jean Matson, divorced when she was an infant and she was raised principally by her grandparents, who were immigrants from Finland. Her father was born and raised in Cordova and as an adult he worked to maintain a radar installation on nearby Hinchinbrook Island, coming into town periodically to visit Becky while she was growing up.

He passed away in 1997 at the age of 78, leaving Becky with a bequest that she used to travel for many years. Becky met the man she considered to be the love of her life, David Moore, while attending college in Anchorage, AK. They lived apart for many years, but she kept his name to honor their relationship.

Becky loved to travel and made friends wherever she went. She settled in several areas before finding Ashland, Virginia, but found her home there, where she had numerous friends.

She was always an extremely upbeat and optimistic person, facing challenges with a smile and always having a kind word to say. She was an avid reader — more so in later years as she experienced physical challenges. Perhaps it was her way of maintaining her love of travel.

Becky is mourned by her family consisting of an aunt, six cousins, and several second cousins, as well as countless friends and people whose lives she touched throughout the years.