From the Mayor’s Desk: It’s business as usual in Cordova for fishing season

Editor’s note: In his letter of April 21, Mayor David Allison told commercial seafood harvesters in Cordova that his administration stands ready to help them have a successful season.

City Councilman David Allison addresses Public Works Director Samantha Greenwood at a council work session. (Dec, 9, 2020) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

By David Allison
For The Cordova Times

Greetings Community partners in industry,

The Cordova City Council has asked me, as mayor, to write this letter to our commercial fishing industry partners as a follow-up to the state of Alaska’s industry letter regarding preparations for the 2022 fishing seasons. As you are aware, the state of Alaska does not have any restrictions/mandates, and the city of Cordova is following state guidelines.

Cordova’s emergency declaration ended several months ago, and the Incident Management Team has gone into a stand-by position. Cordova does not have any mandates or restrictions on individuals or businesses. Though there are no communitywide restrictions, individuals and businesses certainly can create their own policies. The local medical teams are confident in our current ability to support the community and industry in their needs for the coming seasons without additional restrictions.

It is our hope that business can return to normal this season. The entire community, including supporting businesses rely upon you and your employees as an integral part of our economic engine. We encourage you to have an open campus this season with full integration of your employees into our community.

You are likely aware of the harbor revitalization projects we have lined up for the next couple of years in support of industry with a nearly $40 million south harbor re-build which is scheduled for fall/winter 2023. We are also currently putting in for a federal grant to do work on the north harbor, including a floating fuel dock, a five-ton crane, a net mending float, parking, and safe walkways, among other renovations. You are a vital part of our community and the city is your partner for success.


If there is anything we can do for you to assist in having a successful season with full integration back into the community, please do not hesitate to contact me on my cell phone 907-831-6791, or via e-mail We are all looking forward to a great year, filled with barbecues, great weather, safe and fair seas, and a bounty of fish.

Here’s to a prosperous season for us all.

Thank You.

Mayor David Allison was elected in March to lead Cordova City Council.