House, Senate Finance Committees release their capital budgets

The Finance Committees in the Alaska House and Senate have released their capital budget, neither of which has moved out of committee, although there was a possibility they could later in the first week of May.

Then both would have to go to their respective floors for a vote and possible amendments, and there would be the usual back and forth as House and Senate members negotiate over a final version that is acceptable to enough of both chambers to win approval. No guarantee the governor will not veto specific items.

The Senate Finance Committee bill is longer than the House bill because the Senate rolled the operating budget and capital budget into one bill.

The House Finance Committee budget includes millions of dollars for dozens of entities, including the Chugach Regional Archaeological Repository, Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council projects, Pacific Salmon Treaty Chinook fishery mitigation, Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund, the Alaska Marine The House Finance Committee draft legislation at Microsoft Word – G.doc ( and the Senate version is online at : Microsoft Word – Y.doc (