PWSSC opens new waterfront campus on June 4

A visualization of the 20,000-square-foot main building planned to be the centerpiece of Prince William Sound Science Center’s new campus. Image courtesy of Prince William Sound Science Center

A leading environmental advocate for Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska will present the opening of its new campus and popular annual fundraiser on Saturday, June 4, complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony, reception and guided tours of its new digs.

Ticket are sold out for the Prince William Sound Science Center’s Copper River Nouveau feast, but the public is welcome to join the Cordova Chamber of Commerce for guided tours starting at 10 am. and 1 p.m., plus a ribbon cutting ceremony and reception beginning at 4 p.m., with refreshments and self-guided tours to follow. Masks will be required while inside the building.

Carver Mike Webber stands with his totems hewn from a 850-year-old tree that are now installed at Prince William Sound Science Center. “A lot of Native people are either Raven or Eagle, so to have these two poles here is going to really represent a lot of people in this town,” Webber said. The raven and eagle, central characters on each respective pole, are family crests for two main Alaska Native communities in the Prince William Sound region. Photo courtesy of Eden McCall

The Cordova Chamber also announced on Tuesday, May 24, plans for an Alaska Chamber of Commerce community outreach trip, offering statewide business members the opportunity to interact with communities across the state, to meet other members and new business partners in an educational and productive environment.

This year the state chamber has chosen to host this event in Cordova, with activities including a reception at The Reluctant Fisherman from 4:30 6 p.m. on Friday, June 3, complete with free appetizers and drinks. Those planning to attend were advised to RSVP by May 20.

“These are Alaska’s biggest business leaders, and they have chosen Cordova to visit in order to learn about what we have going on here and see how they can support it!” said Cathy Renfeldt, executive director of the Cordova Chamber. “We are looking forward to showcasing our unique culture and history and sharing information about the industries that are the current and future economic engines of Cordova and beyond, including commercial fishing, mariculture, regenerative tourism, and more.”

The Cordova Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization comprised of a diverse group of local and regional business members. In addition to operating the Cordova Visitor Center, the Chamber’s work is divided into four main program areas: economic development, business support, quality of life enhancement, and destination marketing.