Letter to the Editor: Thank you, Speaker Stutes for championing dementia legislation

Thank you to Alaska House Speaker Louise Stutes for championing legislation to establish the first dementia program at the State of Alaska, and congratulations on its passage. 

The dementia awareness program will promote early detection and diagnosis of various types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease. It will also assess workforce capacity and foster an increase in healthcare providers and trained caregivers, and provide important educational information about dementia to medical providers, first responders, and the public. 

We would like to again extend our heartfelt thank you to Speaker Stutes for her work on behalf of the 30,000 family caregivers and 12,500 Alaskans currently diagnosed with dementia.

If you suspect dementia, don’t wait. The earlier a diagnosis is secured, the more effective treatments will be and the more opportunity you will have to participate in research studies that may slow the progression of the disease. 

Alzheimer’s Association Alaska Community Board

  • Michelle Cassano member at large 
  • Linzey White
  • Cindy Harris
  • Sherri Roberds 
  • Cathy Hernandez