BBRSDA DONATES $1M for Pedro Bay Rivers Project

Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association has committed to donate $1 million to the Pedro Bay Rivers Project to finalize a conservation easement on 44,170 acres of land owned by the Pedro Bay Native Corp.

The conservation easement will prevent industrial developments such as transportation corridors for large-scale mining operations, while the land will be available for recreation, cultural and subsistence activities. The majority of the BBRSDA drift gillnet fleet are strongly opposed to development of the Pebble Mine, and this donation represents continuation of commercial fishermen acting to protect critical salmon habitat, the association said.

Achieving a final determination by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Water Act’s Section 404(c) is critically important to protecting Bristol Bay salmon, the association said in a statement issued in early June. They encouraged all BBRSDA members to submit a public comment on the Section 404(c) process before heading for the fishing grounds for what is expected to be a particularly robust season.

The association also urged setnet harvesters, seafood processors and other businesses that rely on Bristol Bay salmon to help financially support the Pedro Bay Rivers Project, which must raise $20 million by year’s end to execute the conservation easement. More information on how to donate to the easement are at