From the Publisher’s Desk: Continuing the Legacy that is the Cordova Times

Rachel Kallander and her family on Monday, July 4, Hinchinbrook Island near Cordova.

By Rachel Kallander
For The Cordova Times

Cordova is my hometown and the bedrock of my sense of community. My parents first landed here in the 1970s. Like so many Cordovans, I can say that the back deck of my family fishing boat was my first job and ultimate classroom. The Cordova Times has told our community’s story – the good, bad, and the comical – for over a century. It’s a platform that celebrates the good things in life and who we are – like record salmon returns, new babies born, and beloved community events. I remember when my friends and I were featured in The Cordova Times for a dance routine we did at the Iceworm variety show. Today, as a mother, lawyer, and business owner, I am honored to take on this opportunity to continue this institution of record. 

Right now, The Cordova Times is in transition. During this period, you will see some changes, most notably a temporary pause in printed papers. The Cordova Times has been operating within the Native Village of Eyak for many years; now, The Cordova Times will transition over to operating as a standalone business entity. Doing this in a way that is sustainable and supportive of long-term priorities and great reporting will require a new foundation built with intentionality and planning. During this time, we will continue to share news and updates important to the community and region on social media and via We will also solicit feedback from a survey that you’ll soon see posted on The Cordova Times’ website and Facebook page. Please take the time to complete that survey to inform the business plan and strategy that will carry us through 2022 and into 2023.

We are considering the wants of the community and the needs of local businesses. I am thrilled about the next steps The Cordova Times will take to support the community and influence the issues and industries important to the Prince William Sound region and our state at large. I am thankful to the Native Village of Eyak and the stellar team of contributors for managing the paper and fostering its great success, including many recent statewide awards. I am taking on this role as owner and publisher with an earnest determination to support what The Cordova Times does best. We will continue to share timely updates and announcements as they are available, and I look forward to building a strong partnership with Cordova in this new way. Thank you for supporting The Cordova Times. Please consider how you can partner with The Cordova Times in the future with subscriptions, placing ads, and sharing information with the community.

Rachel Kallander was raised in Cordova and graduated from CHS. Rachel is CEO of Kallander & Associates, a consulting firm serving policy and business clients statewide. She is the founder and executive director of the Arctic Encounter – the largest annual Arctic policy conference in the U.S., with policy convenings and partnerships worldwide. Rachel also serves as the Honorary Consul of Iceland to Alaska. She lives with her husband, Casey Pape, and two young children in Anchorage. Reach her at