Winter activity wonderland

By the Cordova Gear team

Cordova is a premier spot for winter activities! The jewel of this location is the unique opportunity to wander around icebergs on Sheridan Lake. In winter this can be done with ice cleats, ice skates or on a bike equipped with studded tires. Ice climbing can also be done on glaciers in the area or on frozen waterfalls. Ice skates can be used on Eyak Lake in the center of town, or on any other well frozen lake, pond or slough. Snowshoes are a great way to explore the back country without sinking into snow drifts. Studded bicycle tires allow you ride your bike right through winter, giving you great traction on ice and snow. Cordova is a sought-after destination for skiing adventures, with a working historic lift relocated from Sun Valley, Idaho on the local Mt. Eyak ski hill.  The surrounding mountains offer unlimited back country options on mountains as big and epic as you can handle. There is a great disc golf course above town that is accessible all year round, where snow can make it easier to spot your discs if it is minimal or frozen. Birding and wildlife watching are great year-round, as is hiking, which require little besides warm clothing and a happy spirit. With so many great options for winter activities, the only thing missing is a reason to stay inside!

As with any outdoor activities performed at any time of year, caution should be taken when engaging in anything with an inherent risk factor. Ice-based activities in general should only be undertaken when the ice is safely frozen. If you would like to participate in activities involving ice-skates, snowshoes, studded bikes or ice cleats, Cordova Gear has rental and/or for purchase options available! Happy Holidays!