Participants sought to test electronic logbooks in Gulf of Alaska

Fisherman-founded software firm seeks to revolutionize fisheries data collection

Real Time Data — a software firm bent on revolutionizing the collection, reporting and management of commercial fishing — is looking for harvesters to test its Deckhand Pro electronic logbook application in the Gulf of Alaska.

“Our logbook is the only one on the market with a fisherman-first scenario,” said Project Manager Lange Solberg, himself a Bristol Bay fisherman. He said Real Time Data has been awarded funds from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to pilot the logbook, beginning with the 2023 season.

Deckhand Pro software is currently used across dozens of fisheries in Australia, New Zealand and the United States to streamline record keeping, including reporting.

Harvesters who are currently reporting on the National Marine Fisheries Service Daily Fishing Log and fishing for halibut and sablefish are eligible to participate.

The project is capped at 30 participants, who will be provided with weatherproof cases, mounts and iPads running the Deckhand platform loaded with the fixed gear logbook. Participants will also receive a $500 stipend, plus hardware to keep for participating for the full project length.

The Deckhand team sees this logbook as a “wheelhouse essential” that will benefit fishermen and their businesses similar to other everyday marine electronics.

Fishermen can use other versions of the project to report engine room maintenance, dockside prices and more, and share that data with anyone they wish via PDF.

“We are looking to support onboard printing on the vessel as well,” Solberg said. “Fishermen have been asking for a better, more streamlined way to take care of their logbook requirements in these fisheries, and this is a major first step in moving that needle. Fishermen are still handwriting latitudes and longitudes for every string of gear set and hauled. This project moves the fleet closer to making that, along with many other inefficiencies, a thing of the past.”

The Deckhand team is coordinating closely on the project with the Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association, Fishing Vessel Owners’ Association, North Pacific Fisheries Association, Deep Sea Fishermen’s Union, National Marine Fisheries Service Daily, and the International Pacific Halibut Commission.

“We’re ecstatic to be working with industry to get Deckhand Pro out on the water in fixed gear fisheries,” said Solberg, who is also the U.S. manager for Real Time Data, with offices in Bellingham, Washington.

Real Time Data has been working to revolutionize fisheries data collection since 2010 at its Adelaide, Australia and Bellingham headquarters. Deckhand Pro is its flagship logbook project in the global electronic reporting market.

Those interested in participating should contact one of these organizations or Solberg for more information and to sign up.

Reach Solberg at 360-399-6993 or

More information on the company and its products are online at or visit @deckhandlogbook on all Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.