Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams is a VetsWork intern working for the Forest Service as a public outreach specialist on the Cordova Ranger District. Williams is a Navy veteran who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Chugach Corner: Mt. Eccles elementary students make debris huts, learn survival skills

The Chugach National Forest, Cordova Ranger District is a great place to play and create, and fifth and sixth graders from Mt. Eccles Elementary School did just that recently. A group of bright-eyed youngsters descended upon 18 Mile on Aug. 26 for a fun-filled day. The event challenged roughly 40 students to flex their creativity and critical-thinking muscles, all while working on team building and communication.

Chugach Corner: Fungus Festival is underway

The 15th annual Cordova Fungus Festival, “Fungus, Forest, Sea,” invites all foragers to delight in several activities via in-person events as well as virtual this year.

Chugach Corner: PWS Resource Advisory Committee is accepting proposals

The Prince William Sound Resource Advisory Committee is accepting project proposals for review and consideration for funding for Fiscal Year 2022.

Chugach Corner: Eyak River Trail update and staying safe this holiday

The Cordova Ranger District trail crew have spent the past few weeks rigorously constructing 600 feet of new step-and-run boardwalk along Eyak River Trail, netted with recycled seine nets from the local fishing fleet for improved traction in our temperate rainforest environment.

Chugach Corner: Bear safety and awareness

Understanding bear behavior, how to avoid an encounter, and how to properly respond if you encounter a bear is a key skill when enjoying the outdoors.

Chugach Corner: Rounding up fish for study

Stormy Haught, Prince William Sound Zone Aquatics Program Manager for the Chugach National Forest, Cordova Ranger District and his team are beginning to install limnocorrals on Eyak Lake.

Chugach Corner: Agents of Discovery, where technology and nature combine

Come join Cordova Ranger District Forest Rangers on National Trails Day on Saturday, June 5, for an immersive outdoors experience along the Haystack Trail. Participants will get a chance to take in the natural habitat and discover clues with the educational and fun mobile game Agents of Discovery.

Chugach Corner: Take a hike on National Trails Day

National Trails Day, June 5, is fast approaching!

Chugach Corner: Shorebirds of a feather flyway together

The Copper River Delta hosts up to 5 million shorebirds during the annual spring migration. Nearly 90% of Pacific Dunlin and 80% of Western Sandpiper use the Copper River Delta as a stopover site before heading to their breeding grounds.

Chugach Corner: Story Book Forest, shorebirds and soothing sounds of nature

The Story Book Forest is back on the Cordova Ranger District to make reading fun, all while enjoying the great outdoors.



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