Charlotte Westing


Commentary: Deer population in PWS still looking good

Deer pellet counts provide a snapshot of the local deer population.

Commentary: Making bears one less thing to worry about

Wild foods draw bears close to neighborhoods, but trash and other attractants keep them there. Leaving trash accessible to bears is like leaving cookies on your counter and trusting your dog to leave them alone while you’re gone.
Photo courtesy of Maria Krasnova/Unsplash

Letter to the Editor: Thank you to Ducks Unlimited sponsors

Copper Delta Chapter Ducks Unlimited thanks the sponsors of its 2019 banquet event.
Photo courtesy of Gary Bendig/Unsplash

Commentary: Local fundraisers protect waterfowl habitat

The Copper Delta Chapter of Ducks Unlimited is proud to report that over $15,000 was raised at this year’s banquet and auction, write Charlotte Westing and Nick Docken.
Photo courtesy of Ravi Singh/Unsplash

Commentary: Ducks Unlimited defends waterfowl habitats

Since its beginnings during the Dust Bowl, Ducks Unlimited has become a premier conservation organization focusing on wetland habitats, write Charlotte Westing and Nick Docken.
A young billy takes in the view from a high vantage point. Sexual segregation is prevalent through much of the hunting season. Groups of animals are likely to be mostly females and young whereas males are mostly alone. Photo courtesy of Milo Burcham/for The Cordova Times

Give nannies a break and everybody wins

Goat hunters should learn to distinguish nannies from billies, writes biologist Charlotte Westing.

Sharing the trails

As we all settle in for winter, it’s time to start thinking again about the diverse uses of our local trail systems. Enjoying the...

Wild foods draw bears to neighborhoods

Cordova has always been bear country. However, this summer they’ve been making their presence known.Wild foods draw bears close to neighborhoods, but trash and...



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