Dr. Kristel Rush

Dr. Kristel Rush is the medical director at Ilanka Community Health Center in Cordova. Rush is a family medicine doctor who is a Tennesseean by birth, but Alaskan by heart. She first came to Alaska in 1996, and has been captivated ever since. She trained in rural medicine at Quillen College of Medicine in Tennessee and community medicine at Wake Forest, in Winston-Salem, NC.

To mask or not to mask?

Recently, there have re-emerged some questions about wearing masks.

How to expand your bubble safely

“Double bubbling” is not a new dance that is sweeping the nation. Nor is it an online dating service. It is the new terminology for easing up on the restrictions of isolating within your designated family circle or “bubble.”

For the Health of It: Talking to your kids about COVID-19

Just last week, we received the final confirmation that school would not reconvene this year. And it looks like our schedules and our children’s...

Commentary: Positive parenting during social isolation

Dr. Kristel Rush shares tips on parenting while self-isolating.

Staying healthy during isolation

During times of crisis, it's doubly important to look after your physical and emotional health, writes Dr. Kristel Rush.

Commentary: Spread facts not fear (or germs)

It's important to practice careful hygiene if you don't feel sick, writes Dr. Kristel Rush.
Woman Sleeping

For the Health of It: Try these tips for sound sleep

Last month a visitor from afar, from the land of sunshine, leis and coconuts paid a visit to Cordova. She gave a lecture on...

For the Health of It: SAD is a treatable medical condition

It is that time when the sun disappears rapidly in the evening horizon and is slow to reappear in the mid-morning hours. I begin...

Sniffles, sneezes and sore throats, part 2: what to do

My last article discussed when to come to the doctor and when or if antibiotics might be warranted when you are faced with the...

Sniffles, sneezes and sore throats: When to come to the doctor

It’s back to school time in Cordova, which means that soon kids will be sharing more than their lunches with their friends.It’s common in...



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