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Commentary: CRRC expands Alutiiq Pride Marine Institute in Chugach Region

Over the past three years CRRC has been actively expanding our internal capacity by creating new programs and ramping up the ones already in place. CRRC’s Alutiiq Pride Marine Institute (APMI) does most of our monitoring work, conducting ocean acidification research, harmful algal bloom water quality research, and leading mariculture research and development for the State of Alaska and Pacific Northwest.

Commetary: Our ancestors survived against all odds, we owe it to them to vote

Many people don’t know that Native Americans didn’t have the right to vote in federal elections until we were granted U.S. citizenship in 1924 and that it wasn’t until the 1960s that the last state granted us the right to vote in state elections. This is the sad and ironic truth — even though Indigenous communities in North America are some of the oldest democracies in the world. 

Don your smocks for Cordova’s annual dumpster painting

It’s that time of year, folks: Salmon Jam is coming up, which means it’s time to put on your smocks and paint a dumpster!
Photo courtesy of skeeze/Pixabay

Better Business Bytes: Don’t let solar installers take advantage of you

Current Federal Tax Incentives for installing solar energy for your home will wind down in the coming years, so you may be looking to take advantage now and reap those benefits. But that doesn’t mean you should rush to hire a solar installer for your home.

PWSSC studies avian influenza and how it spreads

A new study from researchers at the Prince William Sound Science Center, in collaboration with colleagues at Tufts University and other institutions, identified which bird species contribute most to the spread of avian influenza. The study, which was published May 19 in the journal PLOS Pathogens, examined influenza viruses circulating among different groups of birds and characterized which types of birds are involved in spreading the virus.

Commentary: Legislators show that bipartisan cooperation is still possible

I’ve reported on the Legislature for years and I must say that the 2022 session that concluded last week was pleasantly without the disruptions that accompanied the end of sessions in recent years.

May was National Stroke Awareness Month

May is National Stroke Awareness month. According to the CDC a stroke occurs in the United States every 40 seconds. That’s about 790,000 strokes every year. Nearly everyone in the U.S.  has been affected by or is close to someone who has had a stroke. Advancing age and a family history of someone who has had a stroke are two risk factors out of our control.

16 new seats given to Cordova caregivers

On May 13 and 14, Native Village of Eyak hosted a car seat checkup event in partnership with Center for Safe Alaskans. As part of the grant, Buckle Up for Life provided 16 seats to caregivers in need of a car seat or booster seat.

Community Health: How stress can impact our physical health

Stress. We all have it. And at times, it can feel overwhelming. But in reality, stress is nothing more than our bodies response to our environment. Or to put it another way, a stress response is triggered by something that requires our attention — be it emotional, physical, energetic or spiritual.

From the Mayor’s Desk: It’s business as usual in Cordova for fishing season

It is our hope that business can return to normal this season. The entire community, including supporting businesses rely upon you and your employees as an integral part of our economic engine. We encourage you to have an open campus this season with full integration of your employees into our community.


Cordova welcomes new police chief

Outgoing Police Chief Nate TaylorCordova has bid farewell to Police Chief Nate Taylor and welcomed veteran law...
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