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Get ready — the Iceworm cometh

Iceworm Festival 2021 is on its way! Here are a list of ways you can help make this year's celebration a reality.

Commentary: Alaska newspapers fail to correct biggest financial distortion in state history

Dermot Cole writes: Nearly every newspaper in Alaska printed a press release in December from Gov. Mike Dunleavy that contains the biggest financial distortion in the history of Alaska. He overstated the 2020 earnings of the Alaska Permanent Fund by $7 billion for self-serving and short-term political purposes, the kind of thinking that will lead to a dissipation of the fund’s assets.

Christmas Contemplation: Let’s usher in a bright and peaceful 2021

After a sometimes dark and divisive 2020, let's welcome the new year with a renewal of understanding and forgiveness, writes Pastor Mike Glover.

Dunleavy: We must chart a path forward

Gov. Dunleavy writes: I am proposing we utilize just over half of this year’s growth to address the 100-year crisis before us. This will allow for distribution of the remaining portion of the 2020 PFD along with a full PFD in 2021, providing nearly $5,000 in relief to every qualified Alaskan.

Commentary: Help Tazlina recover its homelands

The Native Village of Tazlina now has a historic opportunity to purchase this land, to bring the story of its ancestral homelands back full circle, Gloria Stickwan writes.

Barnett: Navy training in Alaska vital for real-world response readiness

Realistic training is the greatest tool our military has to prepare its personnel for operations around the world, writes Rear Adm. Stephen Barnett.

Beltrami: Gov. Dunleavy makes Alaska a hostile place

Vince Beltrami writes: From the moment Dunleavy took office the disdain for his own employees was on full display.

Individual insurance market: Open enrollment closes Dec. 15

Open enrollment for Alaska’s 2021 individual market insurance plans is underway and there are just a couple weeks left before it ends on Dec. 15.

Zastrow: The Forest Service salutes Andy Morse

This year, Cordova Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer Andy Morse was honored for his outstanding work, which included rescuing the victims of a rafting accident.

Schade: Now that industrial hemp is legal, Alaska’s industry must follow law

Alaska agriculture director writes: "The battle to legalize industrial hemp in Alaska was won in the halls of Congress and the Alaska State Capitol in Juneau over the past several years. Now it’s time for all those growing, processing, and selling hemp products to protect themselves and their customers by following the laws they fought so hard to pass."



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