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Commentary: Calling all Salmon Jam artists

Teachers, crafters, painters, and artists of all kinds are invited to participate in this year's Copper River Salmon Jam.

Commentary: This summer, let’s eat healthy and get active

We know the value of playing together, staying active, and feeding our families healthy meals — but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy this past year.

Better Business Bytes: Protect your business from ransomware attacks

In 2020, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center received close to 2,500 ransomware complaints with losses of over $29.1 million.

Commentary: Now is the time for prescription drug reform

Medical price-gouging harms American democracy, writes Dr. Al Gross.

Better Business Bytes: New guidelines could make vaccine passports more common

Face masks reemerged as a national focal point after the CDC announced that individuals who have received a COVID-19 vaccine no longer need to wear face coverings indoors. Verifying an individual’s vaccination status, though, is not an easy endeavor.

Why we must make a case for the arts — Alaska style

The arts are woven into the fabric of society. We depend on the arts to connect us to an outside world, to be entertained or comforted, to learn about new cultures and ways of being, and to escape a current reality that itself can seem like a horror movie. Yet we constantly require the arts sector to prove its worth and indispensability, a fight it’s been at since much earlier than COVID.

Tribal council seeks reclaim of ancestral lands

Just south of Glennallen, Alaska, where the Tazlina River flows into the Copper River, there once stood a large Ahtna village called Tezdien Cae’e, which translates to “mouth of the swift-current river.”

Better Business Bytes: 6 tips for building a trustworthy website

Making a few tweaks to your online profile can help consumers feel confident you’re a trustworthy business.

Commentary: ‘Tongass Odyssey’ explores decades of research, politics and change

"Old-growth forests are not renewable," said scientist John Schoen. "You cannot clear cut a forest that has 800-year-old trees in it and expect it to come back in a hundred years to have the same structure and function of an old-growth ecosystem."

Commentary: Land bill would offer state allotments to Alaska Native veterans of Vietnam War

In the years leading up to 1971, the federal government urged Alaska Native families to claim their 160-acre land allotment before the program was terminated by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.



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