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Commentary: An alternative to the Dunleavy disaster

Gov. Mike Dunleavy has taken a wrecking ball to the Alaska economy, writes gubernatorial candidate Les Gara.

Better Business Bytes: How can small businesses cope with changing mask and vax rules?

Stances on mask mandates and vaccination requirements vary across the country. So where does that leave business owners?

Commentary: Politics is holding back our health care experts on COVID-19

Alaska's COVID-19 response has been set back by misguided politicians who opposed mask-wearing and compared vaccination campaigns to the Holocaust, write Selena Hopkins-Kendall and Scott Kendall.

Better Business Bytes: Giving in times of disaster

Amidst a pandemic and economic uncertainty, charitable contributions topped a record-breaking $471.4 billion in 2020. Of that staggering total, $324.1 billion was contributed by individual donors.
Tongass National Forest. Photo courtesy of Alan Wu/Flickr

Commentary: Roadless Rule will hinder mineral exploration in the Tongass

Southeast Alaska is at a unique crossroads in its management of the Tongass National Forest. How will reimposition of the 2001 Roadless Rule impact development of natural resources like geothermal, hydroelectric and mineral resources?

Commentary: Our land sustains us

Since the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898, the Ahtna people have learned and applied new ways of managing the food and resources that sustained them for a millennium.
"The Wealth of the Nation" by Seymour Fogel. Image courtesy of Voice of America

Commentary: Let’s make this Labor Day a call to action for working Alaskans

Labor Day is an opportunity to reflect on what working people have achieved over the decades, and also a prod to spur our modern fight for economic justice and a strong middle class, writes Joelle Hall.

Commentary: Lawmakers must stop demanding, start compromising

Just over 20 years ago, half of the Alaska House of Representatives banded together — Democrats and Republicans, urban and rural — in a concerted push to balance the budget, raise new revenues and put the state on a path to a long-term, fiscally responsible future.

Commentary: Recall Dunleavy effort draws to a close

Despite failing to unseat Gov. Mike Dunleavy ahead of next year's election, the Recall Dunleavy campaign scored important wins for Alaskans, writes Meda DeWitt.

Chugach Corner: Putting veterans to work in the great outdoors

VetsWork: Environment is an 11-month career development internship program for military veterans interested in the natural resources management, public lands and environment sector.



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