Guest Commentary


Remembering the First Lady of Bristol Bay

“I was born in 1932, so I’m an artifact,” Bella Hammond wisecracked as she stood in front of the iconic log home her husband, the late Gov. Jay Hammond, built on the shores of Lake Clark.

Commentary: A love letter to Cordova

Heidi Ritter bids a fond farewell to Cordova.

Commentary: We snookered ourselves on the gasline project

Alaska has spent almost $500 million in public money on an unsustainable, unrealistic engineering project, writes Larry Persily.

Commentary: Pay PFD now, make long-term fiscal plan for Alaska

Instead of looking for real solutions to Alaska's problems, legislators have chosen to bilk the people out of their PFD, writes Clem Tillion.

Commentary: After a Supreme Court win, Alaskans have right, responsibility to recall

After months of stalling from Gov. Mike Dunleavy, the recall effort is picking up steam again, write Joe Usibelli Sr. and Vic Fischer.

Commentary: BBB sees sharp uptick in price gouging reports

Reports of price gouging have increased 279 percent since January 2020, according to the latest statistics from the International Association of Better Business Bureaus.

Commentary: How prepared is Cordova, really?

If an outbreak occurs in Cordova's canneries, the local economy will shut back down whether we like it or not, writes Mark Roye.

Commentary: Dunleavy’s plan is far from what we need

Dunleavy's aimless leadership has endangered Alaska businesses, writes Aaron Welterlen.

How is The Little Cordova Bakery battling COVID-19?

The Little Cordova Bakery is a small business down on Breakwater Avenue by the Old Harbor. Owner Theresa Carte has taken many precautions to stay in business while keeping her staff, her customers and herself safe.

Commentary: How to tell the world you’ve re-opened

After weeks of staying closed, re-opening a business can pose its own challenges, writes Sheron Patrick.



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