Guest Commentary


Commentary: America must face up to its challenges

Americans must not neglect their responsibilities to future generations, writes Karl Becker.

Commentary: Implement abundance-based management of halibut bycatch

The Dunleavy administration has an opportunity to remedy the state's halibut bycatch problem, write Phillip Lestenkof, Brian Ritchie and Linda Behnken.

Commentary: Sullivan should slow down on rush to appoint new Supreme Court Justice

Sen. Dan Sullivan should stand down on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, an under-qualified candidate with far-right affiliations, writes Heather Kendall.

Commentary: Will America’s democracy die?

An unyielding hatred between political parties threatens the very basis of American democracy, writes Janet McCabe.

Commentary: Bear Doctor

Editorial cartoonist Chuck Legge pokes fun at attack ads directed at U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Al Gross.

Commentary: Thank you, wildland firefighters!

Firefighters help us live safely in Alaska's wilderness, writes Corri A. Feige.

Commentary: First time voting offers hope

Everyday Americans may not see their values reflected in the chaotic events that dominate the news cycle — but voting gives them a chance to make their voices heard, writes William Deaton.

Commentary: Trump fans, we need to talk

President Donald Trump has delivered four years of cruelty, corruption and chaos, writes Chuck Legge.

Commentary: Measure 1 is an attack on Alaska, not an oil company battle

Ballot Measure 1 is a vicious attack on Alaska's economy and its future, write Joe Schierhorn and Jim Jansen.

Commentary: Alaskans, join me in getting a flu shot this year

The coronavirus pandemic makes it doubly important to get a flu shot this year, writes Dr. Anne Zink.



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