Guest Commentary


Commentary: How students can thrive during a pandemic

Members of the Cordova School Board face a difficult decision in deciding when, and how, to reopen schools, write Loreen Pallas and Nicole Nothstine.

Commentary: Campaign rhetoric on PFD is as misleading as usual

Political candidates hope to grab votes by promoting themselves as "protectors of the dividend," writes Larry Persily.

Commentary: Precautionary measures stop virus spread

Conscientious adherence to anti-coronavirus guidelines will help Alaska keep its place as one of the most virus-free states in the nation, write Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Adam Crum and Dr. Anne Zink.

Commentary: The cost of stripping health care right now? American lives.

Donald Trump's mismanagement has brought chaos to the American health care system, writes Dr. Al Gross.

Commentary: Pebble can afford fancy lobbyists but not a feasibility study

The Pebble Mine is unpopular, unprofitable and unworkable, writes Bob Shavelson.

Commentary: The thorn in Alaska’s democracy

The Republican Party's binding-caucus rule has robbed legislators of the ability to represent voters, writes Republican primary candidate John Cox.

Commentary: Signature gathering continues with Recall Dunleavy campaign

Signature-gathering to recall Gov. Mike Dunleavy is slow but steady, writes Bruce Jamieson.

Commentary: Salmon and students working together

The Salmon in the Classroom project provides a valuable educational opportunity, write Mike Wells and Tommy Sheridan.

Commentary: Grow the Permanent Fund for future generations

Liquidating or overdrawing the Permanent Fund will undermine Alaska's future, writes Sen. Bert Stedman.

Commentary: Pebble’s empty promises

Pebble Limited Partnership has embraced deceptive tactics in a last-ditch effort to save its mine project, writes Norm Van Vactor.



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