Guest Commentary


Commentary: Please become a blood donor

Thirty-seven percent of Alaskans are eligible to donate blood, but less than 2 percent actually do, writes Robert Scanlon.

Commentary: Lottery proposal diverts attention from real budget issue

Even in the best-case scenario, a state lottery would hardly begin to pay for Alaska's Permanent Fund Dividend, writes Larry Persily.

Commentary: Pebble – what we stand to lose

Pebble mine threatens to damage Alaska's natural environment in radical and unpredictable ways, writes Dave Atcheson.

Commentary: Help Alaska prevent wildfires this summer

Careful preparation will be necessary to prevent disastrous wildfires from occurring in Alaska, writes Libby Roderick.

Sixth graders explore the night sky

Earlier this month, despite single-digit temperatures and brisk winds, sixth grade students at Mt. Eccles Elementary School embarked on two overnight winter adventures.

Commentary: 10 reasons to become a substitute teacher

A substitute teacher's life is rarely predictable, but never boring, writes Cathy Pegau.

Hatchery-Wild field work extended for another year

December 2019 brought news that the Alaska Hatchery Research Program Science Panel decided to extend the Hatchery-Wild field project for another year.

Peace, Love and Iceworm

It is the year 2020, and Cordova is celebrating its 60th Iceworm Festival.

Elodea: Cordova’s most prolific invasive plant

Elodea canadensis, also known as Canadian waterweed, is arguably the most prolific invasive plant in Cordova.

Commentary: Let’s restore open primary elections

For 50 years, Alaska had neither a Democratic Primary nor a Republican Primary, write Lesil McGuire and Jeremy Gruber. So, what happened?



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